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SEIX is a company made up of highly-specialized professionals whose main purpose is to serve and create value through consultancy, training, creation of concepts, generation of ideas, promotion and financial business brokerage, and development of private and corporate banking products. We provide solutions of excellence through teamwork and an honest long-term relationship.

The SEIX culture is an identity that defines our being and the way in which we carry out our daily activities. ok

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The brain, the organ that performs functions both mysterious and admirable – such as thought, intelligence, or the coordination of movement and of the senses – has more than a billion neurons. These are connected through a complex network of processes. There are chemical transmitters to send messages among themselves. The exchange of information (or ‘transduction of signals’) between cells, occurs at special points of contact, called synapses.

A neuron has 20,000 synapses, thus receiving 20,000 bits of information.

seixThe brain does not feel pain, for lack of specific receptors. In fact, a brain operation may be performed with a fully-conscious patient, with a local anesthetic in the cranium and the meninges.

seixThe brain’s activity is more strained and more frantic than that of the legs in the middle of a race. Only the brain runs all the time; three minutes of neuronal ‘rest’ lead to death.


The Brain

Conversations with Rodolfo Llinás

“The brain is a very different entity from those of the rest of the universe
It is a different form of expressing everything.
Brain activity is a metaphor for everything else.
are basically dream machines that build virtual models in the real worldl”.

These are not the words of a poet, although his work establishes a bridge between poetry and science. They are the provocative conclusions reached, after forty years of studying the nervous system, by one of the most brilliant brains of our times: neuroscientist Rodolfo Llinás Riascos.